The Womance Atelier collection is our very first collection designed here, in the beautiful region of Quebec, Canada. To give you a little idea of our history, Womance has always been, until September 2020, a clothing distribution company. Year after year, we unearthed all over the world trendy clothes or accessories to make them available to you. Five years after the creation of Womance, we have developed our own line of clothing that we have named: Womance Atelier.


For the creation of this line, we wanted to collaborate with the best in order to allow us to do the most complete work. It was by surrounding ourselves with a team based in Montreal and having years of experience in importing that we succeeded in creating Womance Atelier. A design team in search of the most beautiful trends, pattern makers, real magicians in fabric research and manufacturing professionals ... we work with the best to offer you today these WOW - WOW and WOW products!

t is very important to us that all clothing is ethically made. In order to choose our factories, we drew up a list of work standards to be respected which had to be similar to those in Canada. In addition, throughout production, our "line inspectors" ensure that these standards are respected over time. For these first collections, we are working with two different factories located in Nanjing in Asia. The coats are made by Lucy and Cindy team who make coats for top designers all over Europe! We have access to their incredible perfectionism and their flair for the biggest trends. For all the clothes, we trust Jane, a passionate woman who constantly impresses us with the quality of the fabrics she produces. If you like the colors of wools, wait until you touch them, it's just CRAZY!

We are currently working to establish partnerships with various manufacturers that have Fairtrade Canada certification. This certification has a strong impact on labor standards as well as on the environment. For the delivery of your orders, we have developed 100% recyclable bags in Montreal. These are reusable for your returns (they have a second sticky strip) and they are made from 70% recycled materials. Over the next few years, we are also committed to learning more in order to increase our contribution to a greener work ecosystem.


In 2015, in the Quebec City region, entrepreneur AndrĂ©anne Marquis founded Womance, an online boutique for women's clothing and accessories. She was one of the first to explore the concept of mobile and pop-up stores, in addition to cultivating the interest of a steadfast community to this day. After more than six years, AndrĂ©anne's vision of retail and online sales remains everything. also effective, making his career a great success story of entrepreneurship in Quebec. Womance no longer needs an introduction for a whole generation and projects keep blooming in the mind of AndrĂ©anne and her team! In the summer of 2021, she is launching a brand new company: a cosmetics brand. Stay tuned!z Ă  l’affĂ»t!


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