Le compte Ă  rebours est commencĂ© : 7 dodos avant de cĂ©lĂ©brer les prĂ©cieuses mamans qui nous entourent. À partir d’aujourd’hui, envoie une carte virtuelle Ă  ta mom avec un p’tit mot personnalisĂ©. 

— On remet un code promo de 15% à ta mom

— Et un 10% pour toi

Psssst. Il se pourrait mĂȘme que Womance fasse tirer une carte-cadeau de 300$ (sĂ©parĂ©e en 2) parmi tous ceux et celles qui envoient un mot. On dit ça, on dit rien!

GĂątez une Mom extraordinaire

Local artists

The Womance online store offers you a variety of fashion clothes and products for everyday life. You will find a multitude of products created by us or by other Quebec companies.

The Womance Atelier collection is our very first collection designed here, in the beautiful region of Quebec, Canada. To give you a little idea of our history, Womance has always been, until September 2020, a clothing distribution company. Year after year, we unearthed all over the world trendy clothes or accessories to make them available to you. Five years after the creation of Womance, we have developed our own clothing line which we named:Womance Atelier.

For the creation of this line, we wanted to collaborate with the best in order to allow us to carry out the most complete work. It is by surrounding ourselves with a team based in Montreal and having years of experience in importing that we have succeeded in creating Womance Atelier. Design team in search of the most beautiful trends, pattern makers, real magicians in fabric research and manufacturing professionals
 we work with the best to offer you today these WOW-WOW-WOW products.