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Our Objective

Sometimes our tastes change, our bodies change, or we just want a change! Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. We created this platform to connect all those who have already bought or who wish to buy Womance products. Ours is a great community, and this Second Hand platform connects women from all over the world with timeless clothing that appeals to a variety of tastes.

Future Saleswoman

Do you want to make room in your closet for new pieces? Our Second Hand platform brings Womance products to women around the world, and at a reduced price too! Who knows, maybe a future customer will become addicted to your WOMANCE items.

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Future Buyer

Here you will find members of our community who are selling WOMANCE pieces at low prices. In addition to buying quality clothes, you will also be benefiting the environment (and your wallet!) If this is your first time buying WOMANCE clothes, it's a great way to find out if you like them. There is only one condition to agree to: give as much love to these clothes as they have already received. reçu.

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The future outlook for the Second Hand platform is very encouraging. Let's follow suit and make a difference together. In addition to helping the planet, you'll make room in your closet and give other women the chance to wear fabulous items. It's good for morale, isn't it??