Second Hand FAQ

I want to sell… 

What are the benefits of selling my Womance items on the Womance Second Hand platform?

  • First, it feels good to give our closets a little spring-cleaning every now and then; it’s good for our wardrobe, good for the environment, and good for the next owner of the item you’ve worn and loved. Second, you always receive the exact equivalent of the item you’ve sold as a Womance gift card, so if you sell a dress for $30, you get a gift card for $30. Plus, if you introduce Womance to new customers you accumulate more dollars to put towards new items for yourself. Note that gift cards have no expiration date, so there’s no need to rush!

How can I sell my second-hand item?

  • Log in to your Womance account; you can easily create one if you don’t already have one (look at the top right corner of the homepage). It is important to create your account using the email address you have previously used to make purchases. Click on Sell a Second Hand Item, choose the item you want to sell and then simply follow the directions. If you wish to sell a product that you have previously purchased from the store or the Second Hand platform, you can also sell it by clicking on «Sell Another Item».
  • Please ensure that you provide detailed information about the condition of your item. You will receive store credit (by email, in the form of a gift card) only when the buyer has confirmed that your description was accurate. 
  • Womance reviews all listings and has the right to approve or refuse sales within the Second Hand platform.
  • Once your listing is approved, we strongly encourage you to share it. The more people see it, the more likely you are to sell it.

What can I sell? 

  • You can sell any product that you have previously purchased through Womance or its Second Hand platform. Once your listing is approved, we will post it on our Womance Second Hand page and it will be visible to all of our customers.

How much can I sell my item for? 

  • The minimum price permitted for any item sold on our Womance Second Hand platform is $10. To determine the sale price for the item you wish to sell, consider the condition of your item and the length of time you have had it. We suggest selling your item at a 30%-50% discount from the original price. The shipping cost ($10) will then be automatically added to your price and your item will be ready to sell.

How does delivery work? 

  • Once your item has sold, you will receive a prepaid Canada Post shipping label by email and you must ship the item within three days of purchase. You will not be required to pay for any additional shipping costs.

Please carefully wrap your package and drop it off at the nearest post office (don’t forget to put the shipping label on it). If you are a regular Womance customer, keep the bags in which you receive any new clothes. They are equipped with a secondary adhesive strip so you can reuse them to efficiently send items sold on the Second Hand platform.

How and when will I be paid? 

  • When the buyer confirms that your item has arrived in the condition as you described it, you will receive a Womance gift card that is equal to the amount of the sale (not including shipping costs). Gift cards are sent by email and have no expiration date.

I want to make a purchase…

What can I find on the Womance Second Hand platform?

  • Here, you will find Womance customers who want to sell their previously loved clothing and accessories. Items are bought directly from Womance customers before being shipped to you.

How do I pay for a second-hand item?

  • The procedure is the same as when making a purchase on the Womance website. Select the item that you want, click on Add to Cart and proceed with your payment as usual.

Can I purchase items on the Second Hand platform at the same time as other items on the Womance website?  

  • Yes. All new or second-hand items that you select are placed in the same cart. The delivery charge for any second-hand item is already included in the purchase price, so you only need to pay for the shipping of any additional items. Regularly priced items from the main Womance website are shipped according to our usual quick standards.

How long will delivery take?

  • Sellers have 3 working days to ship their package. When it is shipped, you will receive a tracking number so that you can track your package in real time. Delivery usually takes between 2-7 business days. If the receipt of your package exceeds 10 working days, please contact us and we will help you.

Can I return my second-hand item?

  • All articles sold on the Womance Second Hand platform are final sales. Once an order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. If the article you receive does not match the description that was provided by the seller, we will ask you to return the defective item to us. Once we confirm there is a problem, we will proceed with your refund and the seller will not receive her gift card. We will at this time add a note to the seller's file. Womance will keep a record of seller infractions and has the right to refuse access to the Second Hand sales platform to anyone with more than one infraction; however, we doubt this will be much of a concern as the platform is built around mutual respect and communication :)