"Aquarius" Medallion Necklace - Gold

WOMANCE - Distribution

  • Crafted from quality 925 silver plated with 18K gold. Adjustable length from 40 to 45 cm. Medallion diameter: 1.8 cm.
  • Astrological sign: Aquarius
  • Passage of the sun in your sign: January 21 to February 19.
  • Word that defines you: Freedom
  • Description: You celebrate your individuality and are highly independent. It's not uncommon for you to back out on a big event last-minute because you're tired and you just don't feel like going anymore. You go girl—do what makes you happy! You highly value your moments of solitude as well as your freedom. You're not opposed to commitment, but you always give yourself a way out. There's just no way you're going to be dependent on someone else for your happiness! A sentence that represents you: Life is meant to be enjoyed; if it feels good, do it!
Our products have been tested for weeks to make sure they won't stain your skin. To keep your jewelry looking new, we recommend removing it at night and taking care not to get it wet. For gold-plated products, the gold colour may gradually wear out in places over time, depending on your skin type and how often you wear your item; however, the 925 silver will always keep its colour without turning copper or grey. You can count on your jewelry always remaining beautiful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marilou Dube
Fit: Parfait

À mettre avec n’importe quel outfit! Il est beau, longueur parfaite. Je le porte tous les jours.

Fit: Parfait
Fin et féminin

La longueur est parfaite, belle couleur or, simple et chic!

Fit: Parfait

Je l’avais demandé pour Noël. Il ajoute une belle touche féminine à n’importe qu’elle look.


Jaime beaucoup se collier. Le pendantif nest pas trop petit ni trop grand. La seule chose cest quil devrait y avoir plusieurs options pour la longeur de la chaine, jaurais aimé quelle soit un peu plus longue.

Fit: Parfait
Parfait !

Je la porte chaque jour et je l'adore. Je l'ai depuis déjà quelques mois et elle ne décolore pas. Je reçois toujours des compliments sur cette chaîne.