"Gemini" Medallion Necklace

WOMANCE - Distribution

  • Crafted from quality 925 silver. Adjustable length from 40 to 45 cm. Medallion diameter: 1.8 cm.
  • Astrological sign: Gemini
  • Passage of the sun in your sign: May 21 to June 21.
  • Word that defines you: Eloquent.
  • Description: Born a great conversationalist, you communicate with a natural ease that resonates with others. When you talk, people listen, and you know how to get a message across. You stand out from the crowd with your lively spirit and your personalized approach to each person you meet. You can't stand routine; it bores you to no end. You need to be constantly challenged on an intellectual level. A sentence that represents you: Life should be lived at 10,000 km/hour!
Our products have been tested for weeks to make sure they won't stain your skin. To keep your jewelry looking new, we recommend removing it at night and taking care not to get it wet. For gold-plated products, the gold colour may gradually wear out in places over time, depending on your skin type and how often you wear your item; however, the 925 silver will always keep its colour without turning copper or grey. You can count on your jewelry always remaining beautiful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fit: Parfait
Je l'adore!!

Très beau collier, passe partout et belle qualité.

Fit: Parfait

Je le regardais depuis longtemps! Jolie et simple. J'adore!

Fit: Parfait
Gimini love

J'ai ce collier en plaqué or et pour vrai la qualité est wow! Je prends toujours ma douche avec et je le porte depuis plusieurs mois et il n'a jamais changé de couleur.