I have several questions about orders/returns/purchases/etc. Who can I write to?

Write to us at We are here for you!

Is an online customer service (chat) available?

Yes, it is available at the bottom right corner under the little bubble. During business hours, an agent is online to answer ALL your questions. Our business hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week! We do occasionally take little vacations (everyone needs to relax once in a while). If we are not online at the time you have a question, write to us on this chat. We will answer you by email as soon as possible. We are currently in a testing phase, so opening hours are subject to change over the next few days. Do not hesitate to write to us and tell us what hours you would prefer!

How can I be sure that my purchase was processed correctly?

We will confirm the receipt of your order by sending you a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us at

Can I see the status of my order?

Yes, you can see the updated status of your order in real time. To do this, use the tracking # you received in your confirmation email. Click directly on it to see the status of your package in real time.

My tracking number update says my package was “delivered,” but I did not receive it. What should I do?

You should allow 3-5 business days for an investigation with the delivery company. Sometimes the package will arrive over the following couple of days. You can also contact the shipping company directly with your tracking number.

Can I remove an item from my order?

Yes, you can remove items from your shopping cart that you do not want before you place your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. If the order has not been shipped, simply write to and we will proceed with your refund.

I received a gift card or I have a promotional code. How do I apply it?

You will see a field labelled “promotional code” during checkout where you can enter the gift card number or promotional code number to apply the discount.

For what reasons can my credit card be declined?

Your credit card may be declined for any of the following reasons:

  • Your card has expired. Check the expiry date on your card.
  • You may have reached the limit of the available amount on the card. Check with your bank to find out what your remaining balance is.
  • One of the details you entered is incorrect. Confirm that you have entered the data correctly in the corresponding fields. Sometimes the postal code associated with the card is not the same as the delivery address. Make sure that the billing address is correct.

Are credit card payments secure?

Yes, the data is transmitted in an encrypted way by SSL. For payment by credit or debit card it is necessary to enter the CVV (Card Verification Value) code. This is usually a 3-digit code printed on the back of credit cards to secure e-commerce transactions.

General Information

Will sold-out items be restocked?

Everything depends on the availability of the product. You can always email us at to find out if a product will be restocked. You can also enter your email address in the designated area underneath the item description to be informed as soon as it is made available.

What do I do if I received the wrong item?

If you receive an item that you did not order, please write to us at

Is it possible to get information about the latest products regularly sent directly to my email?

Yes, you can get updated on new products, the Look Book and ongoing events easily by subscribing to our newsletter.

Can I unsubscribe from the Womance newsletter?

Yes, you can easily unsubscribe by going to the Newsletter section, entering your details and choosing to unsubscribe.

How do I purchase items on Womance?

You can easily make purchases by taking the following steps:

  1. Take a look at the products that interest you. Clicking on a photo will enlarge it and provide you with a better view and additional information (fabric, cut, available sizes, recommendations and price).
  2. Select the item you are interested in, in the right colour and size, and add it to your cart. You can then choose to check out or continue shopping.
  3. Confirm your order if you are ready to check out.
  4. Select a delivery method. Shipping costs will be determined at this time.
  5. Choose a payment method.
  6. Confirm your order.
  7. You will receive a confirmation notice in your email.

Are purchasing conditions different for items that are sale?

Yes. All items purchased on sale or with a promotional discount code are final sales. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for final sales items (e.g. items purchased on sales events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Boxing Day, etc.). Discount codes or other sales promotions offered by the store cannot be combined.

Can I get a price adjustment refunded to me if an article I purchased goes on sale after I buy it?

Unfortunately, we do not offer price adjustments on any of our products.

I bought an item the day before it went on sale. is it possible to get the same discount?

Unfortunately, promotional pricing cannot be applied to previously completed orders.

How do I know if I am buying the right size?

A detailed sizing guide is available for each product. Measure yourself according to the guidelines outlined in the chart to determine the best possible size for your body. We also have an online customer service chat available that you can find at the bottom right of the screen. Online agents are available to answer all your questions and to guide you through your shopping experience. If we are not online at the time you have a question, contact us on the chat and we will answer you by email as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to write to us with any suggestions as well.

Is there a place where we can go to try on clothes?

Yes! Our new store is open at 9100 John-Simons, Quebec City. 

All the information about the store are here: Boutique

Contest Terms and Conditions

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